Emotion Lord (character)
Gender Male
Age Elderly
Species Human
Occupation Emotion lord
Introduced In "Emotion Lord"
Latest Appearance "Lavarinth"
Voiced by Breehn Burns

The Emotion Lord, whose real name is currently unknown, is just as his title suggests: an Emotion Lord. He wants to train Chris, but does not yet find him ready due to his younger age. He is somewhat crazy, and uses odd methods to present himself.


He first appears in "Emotion Lord", where he interrupts the Bravest Warriors after Wallow is forced to preform surgery on Danny when he contracts Zgraxxis fever, as well as making Beth randomly grow a tail. He then summons a bus out of thin air and boards it, before driving away. After Danny begins to die from the effects of the fever, after the Emotion Lord distracts Wallow, Chris begins to become angry, realizing that Danny's fever is the emotion lord's fault, and attacks him, forcing the emotion lord to turn himself into different objects. Chris fires his laser at him, causing the entire room to explode. The Emotion Lord, realizing that Chris is to young to control his emotions and therefore pass his test, cures everyone with his powers and tells Chris that he will soon have powers as well, before summoning five hundred chocolate puppies and promptly leaving.


Being an emotion lord, he has the power to use his emotions in different ways. He can seemingly transform himself into any physical object, as well as creating physical objects out of thin air. Examples of this would be turning himself into a water glass, flower and a slice of pizza, as well as summoning Space Chickens and chocolate puppies.


  • The Emotion Lord is voiced by Breehn Burns, the director of The Bravest Warriors.
  • He has many similarities to Yoda from Star Wars, such as using a cane to walk around and being a ethreal being that trains young warriors in using their emotions just as Yoda trains young Jedi in the force.