Gender Female programming
Species Robot
Occupation Wallow's glove
Introduced In "Time Slime"
Latest Appearance "Sugarbellies"
Voiced by Maria Bamford

Pixel is the name given to Wallow's robotic and tempered glove. She has some control over Wallow's arm.


Pixel first appears in "Time Slime", where she grows extremely jealous over Wallow's interest in Gayle the Glendalien, claiming Wallow as her own. After the Bravest Warriors arrive in the Fartsparkle chamber and Wallow and Gayle begin smooching, Pixel forces Wallow's arm to throw Gayle into the generator, causing her to instantly vaporize.


Pixel is simply a blue standard face, located on Wallow's left hand glove. She also has a lower hatch that allows acess to her 'nano-nads'.



Pixel is fiercely possessive of Wallow, and grows extremely jealous in the presence of other beings who take interest in him, such as Gayle.


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