Gender Male
Age 16
Species Human
Home Planet Mars
Occupation Bravest Warrior
Relatives Unnamed parents
Introduced In The Bravest Warriors (Short)
"Time Slime" (series)
Voiced by Dan Finnerty (Short)

Ian Jones-Quartey

Wallow is the biggest and brawniest member of the Warriors, however his personality is very different from his appearance. He takes interest in all animals and aliens, which he has a soft heart for. He is currently studying to be a medical professional.




Wallow appears as a large samoan teen, with dark skin, and a bald head. He wears a yellow and orange themed shirt with a sticker on his chest that when rubbed, produces his Falcon Axe. He has blue pants and orange shoes. On his left glove is where Pixel is located.  

Wallow Related ThemesEdit


Gayle the GlendalianEdit

Apparently, Wallow and Gayle go "way back", and Wallow confesses that hes always loved her in "Time Slime". She is devastated when Wallow's dead body is find in the generator room, and upon seeing his current self still alive, the two begin making out. However, when the third time looped versions of the Bravest Warriors arrive, Wallow leaves Gayle without a second thought after seeing all the bodies, although he asks her to call him.


Pixel is very possessive of Wallow, which annoys him as it gets in the way of his relationship with Gayle as seen in "Time Slime". He is still in the process of fine tuning her "nano nads".


Wallow can produce a Falcon Axe from rubbing the sticker on his chest.


  • Wallow is Samoan, so it can be assumed that he is from Earth, due to Samoa being located there.


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